One Central - AMENITIES

Building Plans;

  • Two telephone/internet ready lines
  • Provision for Cable TV
  • Continuous water supply
  • Concierge
  • Back up power
  • Advanced fire protection system
  • Intercom with security system in each unit
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) security system in the main lobby
  • 6 High speed elevators
  • Multi-level parking

Being at the top of your game means that you also need the best of life you can get. That is why at One Central, your needs are provided by topnotch amenities and facilities that is surely one of its kind.

Imagine entering One Central, your stress is lessen as you know that that the multi-level parking will provide you a place where you can safely park your car without the need to look for a parking space to park, as you enter the elevators, feel at ease because One Central provides you with six high speed elevators that will lead you to your home with haste, for you to have more time to unwind. One Central also provides you with two telephone/internet ready lines, provision for Cable TV and, a back-up power in cases of emergency. See how from entertainment to basic needs are covered. As you decide for that rewarding shower to get all the stress off, you are assured that your unit is equipped with a continuous water supply so rest and wash all your worries away. Know that you are secured because with you is an intercom with security unit and an advanced fire protection system. As another day passes, you are greeted, “Good morning!” by One Central’s warm concierge. Lastly, know that you security is once more heeded as the main lobby is equipped with closed circuit TV (CCTV) security system in the main lobby. If you think that that is all One Central has, then prepare yourself to hear more.

Now that the weekends have come and you are up for relaxation, know that you do not have to stress yourself booking for a spa day or paying for recreation facilities. Because One Central has everything you could every wish for to release the stress you have gotten over the past week. If you are in need of something refreshing, One Central has a swimming pool for you, while your kids can frolic and splash in the kiddie pool. You can also just unwind in the pool lounge or just watch the day go by in One Central’s pool deck. There is also an entertainment pavilion and an outdoor function area you can use. Children can enjoy in the children’s play area. If your mind needs to be cleared from the worries of the week, there is a meditation garden for you to go to. You can also stroll through the beautiful floras in our flower garden. There is also a reflexology path in our sculpture garden, where you can just remove all the tension as you walk by. Among others, One Central also has a spa pavilion where you can dip in the bubble bath and feel tingly and relaxed all over, another is a tea-leaf infused thermal pool where you can let the tantalizing smell of tea leaves carry your stress away.

After a week out, some would want to just stay indoors and just unwind in the comfort of their homes. That is why One Central is also equipped with indoor amenities where you can also take a breather while staying in. For those who take pleasure in printed adventures, there is a library/book club inside. Those who prefer 3D adventures, there is a game room/ interactive internet game studio. For health buffs and some who would like to keep in shape, there is a gym with weights station, speed-cardio station and flexing station. For those who want spa day without going out, there is a spa and sauna facility for you. Film buffs will rejoice as inside One Central is a Sound and motion library with CD and DVD titles. There is also a Yoga, Aerobics and, Dance Studio for those who’d like to rehearse or just work it all up. There is also a residents’ lounge where you can just slack off, read a book or watch a movie. if weekends are your laundry day, there is also a Laundromat for you to go to. One Central has more to offer than just your usual living place, because you deserve to have the best in life.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Pool Deck
  • Pool Lounge
  • Entertainment Pavilion
  • Outdoor Function Area
  • Tot Lot
  • Children Play Area
  • Palm Court
  • Meditation Garden
  • Flower Garden
  • Sculpture Garden with Reflexology Path
  • Fitness Station
  • Park Bench
  • Contemplative Water Plaza
  • Pergola
  • Landscaped Sun Deck
  • Shallow Water Foot Bath

Spa Pavilion

  • Bubble Bath and Tea Leaf-infused Thermal Dip Pool


  • Library/Book Club
  • Game Room with Interactive Internet Game Studio
  • Day Care Center
  • Spa and Sauna
  • Gym with Weights Station, Speed-cardio Station and Flexing Station
  • Male/Female Locker and Changing Rooms
  • Bar Lounge
  • Function Rooms
  • Business Center
  • Sound and Motion Library with CD and DVD Titles
  • Yoga/Dance/Aerobic Studio
  • Wine and Bar Storage
  • Conference Room
  • Residents' Lounge
  • Laundromat
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